Our Mission


We want to change up the game. We’re a gypsy brewery based out of Mexico City | Playa de Carmen. Two Americans with over 15+ years of Brewing experience. Welcome to the era of Space Force Brewing Co.

Our Styles

To Be Continued…

Collab with Principia | American IPA, August 2018.


Mr. X

Collab with Principia and Transpeninsular | India Pale Lager, February 2019.


No Need For A Name

Collab with Principia and Transpeninsular | Hazy Pale Ale, March 2019.


Space Suit Up

Session IPA 4.5%, June 2019.



Collab with Bruer | Blonde Ale with Fresa and Jamaica, March 2020.


Falcon Juan

Hoppy Belgian Strong 9.2%, April 2020.


Comet Me Bro

Double IPA 8%, January 2021.


We’re Sirius

Saison 6.2%, January 2021.

Make Contact

Send us an email if you want some beers! Or if you want to know more about us, or simply chat, or work with us… but no spam.